105th NCWM Annual Meeting

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105th NCWM Annual Meeting Update

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Dear NCWM Membership and Stakeholders,

Below is notice of an agenda for the 105th NCWM Annual Meeting to be held in July 2020.  NCWM Bylaws mandate that we hold an Annual Meeting approximately six months following each Interim Meeting, but the Bylaws do not allow electronic Annual Meetings.  This email outlines our plans to stay within our Bylaws while also doing our best to advance the standards development process.  Chairman Craig VanBuren will convene the 105th NCWM Annual Meeting on July 15, 2020 in Michigan with a small gathering of our members from his staff.  The agenda of that meeting will be as follows:

Agenda of the 105th NCWM Annual Meeting
July 15, 2020; 10:00 a.m. EDT
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
E.C. Heffron Metrology Laboratory

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19 and member’s inability to attend, the agenda of the 105th NCWM Annual Meeting will be as follows:

    • Call to Order
    • Motion to adjourn due to lack of quorum to Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. at the Sirata Beach Hotel and Conference Center at St. Pete Beach, Florida
    • Adjourn

In January, our Annual Meeting will reconvene and will only address the voting items on the committee agendas followed by our annual business meeting.  Then, we will adjourn the Annual Meeting and commence with the 2021 NCWM Interim Meeting to address the remaining committee agenda items.

The schedule for the week will be as follows:

105th NCWM Annual Meeting

Sunday, January 10

· Morning: Task group and subcommittee meetings

· Afternoon: Task group and subcommittee meetings

· Evening: Chairman’s Reception

Monday, January 11

  • Morning:  Open Hearings (voting items only)
  • Afternoon:  Committee Work Sessions (voting items only)
  • Evening:  Addendum Sheets will be available (voting items only)

Tuesday, January 12

  • Morning:  Regional Meetings
  • Afternoon:  Voting Session and Annual Business Meeting
  • Close the 105th NCWM Annual Meeting

2021 NCWM Interim Meeting

Wednesday, January 13

  • Morning:  Open Hearings (all remaining items)
  • Afternoon:  Open Hearings (continued)

Thursday, January 14

  • Morning:  Open Hearings as needed, followed by Committee Work Sessions
  • Afternoon:  Committee Work Sessions

Friday, January 15


  • Technical Session
  • Joint Committee Meeting
  • Adjourn

Standing committee members will continue in their current role through conclusion of the Annual Meeting in January.  They will continue developing agenda items between now and then.  Watch for announcements of virtual sessions to be held the week of July 13, 2020, where you can participate in the discussion of items on the agendas of the Standing Committees.  These informal listening sessions are an opportunity for committees to gather additional input from you, our stakeholders as we continue to develop agenda items.  NCWM will not record these virtual sessions, and the committees will not issue reports summarizing the discussions.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of NCWM as we make our way through unprecedented challenges to how we conduct our business.  Please contact Don Onwiler with any questions at don.onwiler@ncwm.com or by phone at +1 402-434-4880.


Craig VanBuren
Chairman of the National Conference on Weights and Measures

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