Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Gene Robertson

Gene Robertson


Mississippi Department of Agriculture

Gene Robertson is the current NCWM Chairman and serves on the NTEP Committee.

Gene has been an active member in the Southeastern Weights and Measures Association (SWMA) for several years.  He served on the Laws and Regulations, Professional Development, and Executive committees.  Robertson was also a past SWMA President.

Robertson earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Business at the Mississippi State University.  From 1982 to 1993 he worked as a Catfish Farm Manager and Cotton Gin Manager. From 1993 to 2003, he was an Aquaculture Specialist/Market Specialist for the Mississippi Department of Agriculture where he is currently employed.  Gene’s current responsibilities include Deputy Bureau Director of Regulatory Services, Grain Warehouse/Dealer Licensing, Aquaculture Coordinator, Egg Marketing Board Member, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Representative.

In addition to NCWM and SWMA, Gene is professionally involved with the Association of Grain Regulatory Officials, Mississippi Aquatic Invasive Species Council, and National Association of State Aquaculture Coordinators.

During his spare time, Gene enjoys hunting, traveling and spending time with his grandchildren.


Jack Walsh

Marc Paquette


Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets
Marc Paquette is the current NCWM Chairman-Elect and serves on the NTEP Committee.

Paquette earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, VT.  He began his career with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets in 1989 as an inspector for the Consumer Protection Section.

Paquette served as lead inspector for Weights & Measures devices including large capacity scales and vehicle tank meters.  In 2010 he attended the NIST Basic Metrology training for mass, volume and length and became the Agency of Agriculture Weights and Measures Specialist/Metrologist, establishing two new metrology labs in an eight-year period.  Paquette currently serves as the Weights & Measures Section Chief and Metrologist.

Paquette served the NCWM as Sergeant-at-Arms at the National Meeting in both 1999 and 2008 Burlington, Vermont.  He has served on the NCWM Professional Development Committee (PDC) 2018 -2020 and served as the National Chair of the committee in 2020.   He has also served on the NCWM Nominating Committee.  Paquette is an active member of the Northeastern Weights and Measures Association (NEWMA) serving on the PDC since 2012, PDC chair 2017 to present, and NEWMA Chairperson in 2016.



Mahesh Albuquerque

 Immediate Past Chairman

Colorado Division of oil and public safety
Mahesh Albuquerqueis the NCWM Immediate Past Chairman and serves on the NTEP Committee.

Albuquerque's service to NCWM includes membership on the Specifications and Tolerances (S&T) Committee from 2012-2016, later as S&T Committee Chair from 2015-2016.

He served as Chair of the Natural Gas Steering Committee and also served on the NIST U.S. National Working Group for Development of Hydrogen Measurement Standards.

Albuquerque joined the State of Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety in 1999 and has served as its Director since 2008.  The Division of Oil and Public Safety, administers laws and regulations aimed at ensuring environmental protection, weights and measures and public safety.

On the Western Weights and Measures Association (WWMA), Albuquerque is an active member, the current Secretary/Treasurer, and appointed WWMA President from 2014-2015.  Beginning in 2009, heserved on the WWMA S&T Committee, later serving as WWMA S&T Committee Chair in 2012.  Mahesh works closely with the USEPA on petroleum storage tank programs, and is an active member of ASTM International.

Raymond Johnson, Jr.

Craig VanBuren


Michigan Department of Agriculture

Craig VanBuren is NCWM's Treasurer.  VanBuren served as NCWM Chairman and NTEP Chair.

Craig attended Michigan Technological University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. VanBuren started his career in the automotive industry; first designing chassis for motor homes and later designing parts for a Tier 1 supplier to Ford Motor Company. VanBuren began work for the State of Michigan as a field Metrologist in 2000.  He later transferred into the laboratory after training at NIST in basic, intermediate, and advanced mass calibrations.  VanBuren became the Metrology Lab manager in 2003 and served in that role until 2010 when he became the Director of the Consumer Protection Section.  The Section administers the State’s Metrology Lab, Motor Fuels Quality Program and the Weights and Measures Program.

VanBuren has been active in the Central Weights and Measures Association (CWMA) serving currently as a member on the Executive Committee, VanBuren is currently serving as Chair for the Nominating Committee for NCWM,  as well as member of the Laws and Regulations Committee.


Hal Prince

Kevin Schnepp

Active Membership - Western Region Representative

California Department of Food and Agriculture Division Of Measurement Standards

Kevin Schnepp, Environmental Program Manager I for the California Department of Food and Agriculture Division of Measurement Standards (Division). Kevin manages the metrology lab; two fuels, lubricants, and automotive product laboratories; and the hydrogen and alternative fuels laboratory. His duties also encompass the divisions work in ZEV infrastructure standards and specifications development along with facilitating policies and regulations for the oversight of zero-emission and low-carbon alternative and renewable fuels. Kevin possesses a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in environmental compliance and sustainability. Kevin has over 20 years combined process R&D and chemistry research experience, with 11 years of service within CDFA’s Division of Measurement Standards conducting research and development programs in zero emission, alternative and renewable fuels. Kevin is an active member with: ASTM; NCWM; the California Fuel Cell Partnership; the National Hydrogen Safety Codes and Standards Committee; H2 USA; and serves as the Department’s representative to the Governor’s ZEV implementation team.

Hal Prince

Jack Walsh

Active Membership - Northeastern Region Representative

Town of Wellesley/Ashland, Massachsetts 

Walsh earned a B.S degree in Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology, a B.S. in Management from Merrimack College, and an MBA from Suffolk University.

Walsh started his career as a Deputy Sealer of Weights and Measures for the City of Worcester. Then became an Inspector of Standards for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, rising to the position of Supervisor of field inspectors for the Division. Walsh moved on to become the Director of Inspectional Services and Licensing for the City of Framingham. He is currently the Sealer of Weights and Measures for the towns of Ashland and Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Walsh has been a Presiding Officer at the NCWM Conferences on eight occasions. A subject matter expert for NCWM. Walsh is an active member of the Northeastern Weights and Measures Association (NEWMA), past Chairman of NEWMA, Board of Directors of NEWMA, Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Weights and Measures Association (MWMA), Twice Past President of MWMA. Walsh has previously served on the Board of Directors for NCWM.


Hal Prince

Paul Floyd

Active Membership - Southern Region Representative

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and forestry-weights and measures division 

Paul Floyd is a graduate of Louisiana State University (LSU), where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Sciences.

Paul is currently the Director of the Weights and Measures Division, in the Office of Agro-Consumer Services at the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Paul started his career with Weights and Measures as an inspector in 2002 and has worked his way up the ranks to the current position of Director.

Paul completed his term on the NCWM Professional Development Committee (PDC), serving as its Chairman in 2023. He also serves on the Cannabis Task Group for NCWM. He is a member of the Southern Weights and Measures Association (SWMA) where he served as the Chair for the SWMA PDC. He is also a member of the SWMA Member Education and Mentoring Subcommittee.

Paul spends his time off pitching for the LDAF softball team, homebrewing, playing drums in a local band, cheering on the LSU Tigers, and spending time with his wife, Julie, and son, Owen.


Ivan Hankins

Daniel Walker

Active Membership - Central Region Representative

Chief, Division of Weights and Measures, Ohio Department of Agriculture 

Daniel Walker serves as the Central Regional Representative of the NCWM Board of Directors.

Daniel is originally from rural Southern Illinois where he grew up helping on his grandfather’s grain and livestock farm. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree.

Daniel began his career in weights and measures in 2002 as a field inspector for a scale service company. While in the private sector, Daniel advanced to metrologist, quality manager and laboratory manager of a commercial calibration laboratory. He received NIST metrology training in 2005. Daniel joined the Ohio Department of Agriculture in 2011 where he served as a metrologist and quality manager for ODA’s Weights and Measures Division, overseeing ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation, NIST Recognition, and maintenance of the state’s primary reference standards for mass, volume, length, and time measurements. Daniel was appointed Chief of ODA’s Weights and Measures Division in 2021.

Daniel is an active member of the NCSL International Legal Metrology Committee and the ASTM E41 Committee. Daniel has served on the Central Weights and Measures Association’s Specifications and Tolerances Committee, as well as NCWM’s Specifications and Tolerances and Professional Development Committees.


Rebecca Richardson

Raymond Johnson 


Fairbanks Scales 

Raymond Johnson is the Regulatory Affairs Consultant for Fairbanks Scales, Inc. He has been at this position since May 2022. He is also a member of the Scale Manufacturers Association (SMA) and the Vice Chair for SMA’s Technical Committee.

Raymond Johnson previously served as the NCWM Treasurer. Johnson has served on the NCWM Credentials Committee (chaired) and the Laws and Regulations Committee, acting as Chair in 2013 and 2014. He also served on the Natural Gas Steering Committee. Johnson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. Before his retirement in July 2021, he spent 2 years as a Division Director for the Standards and Consumer Division of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture which oversees the inspection and testing of scales, liquid measuring devices, fuel quality, packages, price verification, eggs, dairy open dating and green chile. Prior to that Johnson was an Assistant Division Director for 18 years and for 6.5 years prior to that, he was an Inspector in the Consumer Services Bureau in Albuquerque conducting inspections of the same.

In addition, Johnson was active in the Western Weights and Measures Association (WWMA) serving on the Nominating Committee (Chair), Honors and Awards Committee, Auditing Committee, Resolutions Committee and the Specifications and Tolerances Committee (2 terms and acted as chair twice). Johnson also served as WWMA President in 2010 and is a recipient of the Ray Rebuffo Award for outstanding service to the WWMA.


Shelly Miller

Dr. Matthew Curran


Florida Department of Agriculture and consumer services

Dr. Curran earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Mississippi State University and his Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from Florida State University.

During his 23 years of public service, he has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to contribute to many roles protecting Florida’s environment as well as serving its industries and consumers.

In early 2005, he moved into the weights and measures field when he was appointed Chief of Petroleum Inspection for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). That role morphed into the Chief of Standards role where he also represented FDACS nationally as the Weights and Measures Director of Florida.

Since joining the National Conference on Weights and Measures in 2005, Dr. Curran has served on the following committees:

  • NCWM Specifications and Tolerances Committee from 2013 – 2017 (Chairman in 2017)
  • NCWM Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee 2021 – 2017 (Chairman 2014 – 2017)
  • NCWM Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Subcommittee (2017)
  • NCWM Charter Team (2018)
  • NCWM Cannabis Task Group (2021 to present)

Dr. Curran’s career advancements have led him to also serve in roles with FDACS as the Assistant Director of Consumer Services, the Assistant Director of Food Safety, and most recently as the Director of Food Safety.

Chris Guay

Chris Guay

Associate Membership Representative


Christopher Guay serves as the Associate Membership Representative on the NCWM Board of Directors as well as a current member of the Association Membership Committee.  He is also a member of the Finance Committee and is current Chair of the Packaging and Labeling Subcommittee.

Guay retired from a career as a Regulatory Fellow in North American Technical External Relations at The Procter & Gamble Company and was responsible for P&G’s Proposition 65 compliance procedures and influence programs since 1996.  In these roles, he had to develop programs focused on ensuring products are complaint with Prop 65 requirements, systems to educate and train employees and managers about Prop 65 and approaches for commenting on proposed regulations and chemical listings.  Chris has degrees in chemical engineering, management and finance.