Publication 16

Publication 16


NCWM Publication 16 has complete reports of the Standing Committees, NTEP Committee, Nominating Committee and Board of Directors.  Printed copies will be provided to all attendees upon the arrival to the 109th NCWM Annual Meeting.

General Information - available closer to meeting date 

Schedule of Events - available closer to meeting date 

Attendee List - available closer to meeting date

Addendum Sheets: (available Tuesday July 16th, 2024)
Board of Directors
National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) 
Specifications and Tolerances Committee 
Laws and Regulations Committee 
Professional Development Committee 

Board of Directors Agenda-word version 
Board of Directors Agenda- PDF Version 

Committee Documents: (available after April 15th, 2024) 

Laws and Regulations Committee Agenda- word version 
Laws and Regulations Committee Agenda- PDF Version

NIST Papers

NIST OWM Analysis of the Agenda
NIST OWM Executive Summary

Supporting Documents 

Specifications and Tolerances Committee Agenda-word version 
Specifications and Tolerances Committee Agenda-PDF version 

NIST Papers

Supporting Documents

Professional Development Committee Agenda-word version 
Professional Development Committee Agenda-PDF version 

National Type Evaluation Program Committee Agenda-word version 
National Typre Evaluation Program Coimmittee Agenda-PDF version 

Nominating Committee Report

Voting Records


WIM-23.1-Weigh-In-Motion Used for Vehicle Enforcement Presentation
OTH-24.1 Uniform Shipping Law Presentation
EVF-23.6 A Proposed Revision and Path Forward Presentation
NCWM National Price Verification Survey Presentation
Volatility Updates to ASTM D4814 Standard Specification for Spark Ignition Engine Fuel Presentation
NET-24.1 Ice Cream Novelties Presentation