Conformity Assessment

Conformity Assessment Program


Conformity Assessment is a means of assurance that ongoing production of weighing and measuring equipment continues to meet Handbook 44 specifications and tolerances after initial NTEP certification.  This is vital to the integrity of NTEP.  There are three elements to NTEP Conformity Assessment:

1.  Administrative Review of Certificates of Conformance:  Certificates are reviewed initially and ongoing by the National Conference on Weights and Measures staff and interested parties to ensure they accurately reflect current metrological characteristics of the device as well as standard features and options.

2.  Initial Verification:  This is the first official inspection of a newly installed commercial device by a regulatory official.  These inspections serve as a means to verify that production devices and many of their features remain in compliance with Handbook 44 and that information provided on the NTEP certification remains correct.  A copy of the Initial Verification Forms can be found here.  Report irregularities to

3.  Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP):  Initial verification cannot verify if ongoing production is in compliance with Handbook 44 influence factor requirements.  VCAP is a program whereby holders of Certificates of Conformance for weighing devices demonstrate to second or third party auditors that proper procedures and documentation exist to ensure ongoing production complies with these influence factor requirements.