Safety Awareness

There cannot be enough emphasis placed on safety awareness.  During the course of our daily jobs, we often forget how important safety is until something happens that could have otherwise been avoided with an ounce of prevention.  Please take the time to send safety articles, tips and specific occurrences from your region to the regional safety liaison in your jurisdiction.  If these items are shared with other members, then hopefully we can prevent the same thing from happening to you and increase safety awareness.

NCWM Safety Program Toolbox

Central Weights and Measures Association (CWMA) Liaison

John Bell
Missouri Department of Agriculture
PO Box 630
1620 Missouri Blvd | Jefferson City, MO 65109
P. (573) 751-8599

Northeastern Weights and Measures Association (NEWMA) Liaison

Michael Sikula
New York Bureau of Weights and Measures
Building 7A State Campus | Albany, NY 12235
P. (518) 457-3146

Southern Weights and Measures Association (SWMA) Liaison


Western Weights and Measures Association (WWMA) Liaison

Remy Cano
Northwest Tank & Environmental Services, Inc.
17407 59th Avenue | Snohomish, WA 98296
P. (425) 742-9622


Cannabis Facility Safety Awareness - John Bell, MO
Who's Got Your Back? - Ron Armstrong, NW Tank & Environmental Services, Inc.
Avoid Hostile Encounters in the Field - Mike Sikula, NY


Engineering Controls - Mike Sikula, NY
Back to Your Health - Elizabeth Koncki, MD
The Psychology of Safety - Ron Armstrong, NW Tank & Environmental Services, Inc.


Check it out! The Happy-list State - Elizabeth Koncki, MD
Don't Get Zapped! - Brett Gurney, UT


Is it Safe to Run Gasoline Through a Large Volume Prover? - Mike Sikula, NY
Preparing Employees for an Active Shooter Event - Julie Quinn, MN
Safety is Up to Me! - Brett Gurney, UT


OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard - Julie Quinn, MN
Working Around Stinging Insects - Mike Sikula, NY


Safety in Standard Operating Procedures - Brett Gurney, UT
Safety Recommendations: Climbing Tanker Trucks for Sampling or Inspection - Mike Sikula, NY
Save the Ears! - Elizabeth Koncki, MD


Defensive Driving - Doug Rathbun, IL
Don't Be a Statistic - Brett Gurney, UT
Defensive Driving: Towing a Trailer - Elizabeth Koncki, MD


Are You Protecting Your Back, Fingers, and Toes? - Brett Gurney, UT
Making Annual Safety Training Fun - Julie Quinn, MN


Behavior-Based Safety - Julie Quinn, MN
New Requirements for Right-to-Know Training - Mike Sikula, NY
Wireless Device Use at Gas Stations: Is It Safe or Not? - Matthew Curran, FL


Consumer Tips for Proper Gasoline Handling - Steve Hadder, FL
Working in Confined Spaces - Douglas Deiman, AK
Controlling the Risks of Solitary Workers - Brett Gurney, UT 


Incident Reports Improve Safety - Julie Quinn, MN
Vehicle Safety Issues for the Weights and Measures Inspector - Douglas Deiman, AK


Motorized Weight Mover Safety - Manuel Villicana, CA
Sources of Safety Training and Training Materials - Mike Sikula, NY
Using Inspection Checklists to Improve Hoist Safety - Julie Quinn, MN