NTEP EVSE Workgroup

NTEP Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Work Group


The charge of the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Work Group is important in providing appropriate type evaluation criteria based on specifications, tolerances and technical requirements of Handbook 44 Sections 1.10. General Code and 3.40. Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems and all applicable portions of Section 5.55. Timing Devices.  The work group’s recommendations are presented to the NTEP Committee each January for approval and inclusion in NCWM Publication 14: Technical Policy, Checklists and Test Procedures for national type evaluation.

The work group may also be called upon occasionally for technical expertise in addressing difficult Handbook 44 issues on the agenda of the NCWM Specifications and Tolerances Committee. Work group membership includes industry, NTEP laboratory representatives, technical advisors and the NTEP Administrator.  Meetings are held annually, or as needed and are open to all NCWM members and other registered parties.

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Necessary documents for NTEP Work Group Meetings, including the agenda, will be posted approximately one month before the meeting is to take place. If documents are not currently available, please check back closer to the actual meeting date.

Documents produced from NTEP Work Group Meetings, such as summaries and action items, are posted here until completion of the National Conference on Weights and Measures Interim Meeting held each January.  After the NCWM Interim Meeting, all NTEP Work Group Meeting documents are moved to their corresponding Meetings Archive.