International Recognition

International Recognition


NCWM has entered into international arrangements for recognition in type evaluation.  One arrangement is the U.S./Canada Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) between NCWM and Measurement Canada.  The other is the OIML Certificate System with OIML R 60 (load cells).

U.S./Canada Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA)

An MRA is an arrangement whereby the test data from evaluation in either a NTEP authorized laboratory or Measurement Canada can be used by both countries in the issuance of their respective certifications.  Two MRA’s exist between NCWM and Canada:

    1)  The MRA for Fuel Dispensers includes:

    • Gasoline and Diesel Dispensers
    • High-speed Dispensers
    • Gasoline and Diesel Meters Intended to be Used in Fuel Dispensers and Truck Refuellers Only

    2)  The MRA for Scales includes:

    • Electronic Computing and Non-computing Bench and Floor Scales with a Capacity up to 1,000 kg (2,000 lb)
    • Separate Weighing/Load Receiving Elements with a Capacity of up to 1,000 kg (2,000 lb)
    • Separate Electronic Indicators (except those that are "software based”; i.e., programmed by downloading parameters)
    • Mechanical Scales up to 10,000 kg (20,000 lb)

    NOTE:  An additional Canadian Application must be filled out and can be obtained here This application must be submitted to both NCWM and Measurement Canada.

    OIML Certificate System (CS)

    NCWM has entered into the OIML Certificate System with OIML R 60 (load cells) as utilizing participant.  This means NCWM will accept evaluation test data from an issuing participant laboratory of another country for consideration in the issuance of NTEP Certificate of Conformance.  The test data must be generated in an issuing participant laboratory that has been recognized in the OIML CS as a laboratory that will include additional testing to U.S. requirements.  NCWM may require additional evaluation upon review of the test data.