Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP)


NCWM Publication 14: Administrative Policy contains the policy for the Conformity Assessment Process.  This portion of the Administrative Policy is presented here as a convenience to our stakeholders:  NCWM Publication 14: Administrative Policy, Section 21.1.3 and 21.2.

NCWM is working to identify all active certificates for Indicating Elements.  As a courtesy, certificate holders are being notified of VCAP requirements and the established timeline.  Please note that the NCWM Board of Director’s does not consider it to be NCWM’s responsibility to identify all certificate holders and affected certificates.  Certificate holders are responsible for reviewing their active NTEP certificates and compliance with VCAP.

**NOTICE:  COVID-19 Impact on VCAP (revised October 2021)


VCAP Checklists

Checklists are provided as a tool for VCAP auditors performing systems audits for NTEP Certificate Holders.  Two checklists are available.  One is the Systems Audit Checklist for manufacturers of weighing devices.  The other is the Systems Audit Checklist for holders of private label Certificates of Conformance.

Completed checklists by VCAP auditors are submitted to the NTEP Administrator ( for review along with the entire VCAP Audit Report.

VCAP Compliance Timelines