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Vehicle-Tank Meters

The NCWM Professional Certification Program provides assurance that an individual has a working knowledge of the U.S. standards for weights and measures as adopted by the NCWM.  Certification is available to any individual, whether from the public or private sector whose profession requires thorough understanding of the national weights and measures standards.  The Vehicle-Tank Meter certification exam will draw on relevant portions of Handbook 44 and Handbook 112 .

Format and Duration:

  • Handbook 44 is available here.

The examination consists of three timed sections and will include a total of 50 questions as described below.  All three sections of the exam must be completed in one session and the candidate may not log off and return to the exam at a later time.  Each section must be completed before moving to the next section of the exam.  Once a section has been completed, the individual may not return to a previously submitted section.

The examination is to be taken alone, without assistance from any other individual.  The exam is OPEN BOOK as follows:  The candidate may access unmarked copies of the current versions of Handbook 44 and Handbook 112, specifically:


Vehicle-Tank Meters

Vehicle-Tank Meters

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If physical copies are not readily available, the previous PDF links may be opened on the computer to take the exam and may be accessed during the test.  The Proctor will ensure the correct file is downloaded.  Candidates are encouraged to download and familiarize themselves with the PDF file in advance of taking the test.

Test instructions are provided online prior to starting the exam.  Since the test is electronically graded, the answer must be marked or typed correctly.  The test questions for this exam will be primarily multiple-choice format with some short answer and compliance/citation format.  For multiple-choice questions, you will be asked to pick the best answer from four options by clicking the button before your selected answer.  For short answer questions, you must enter the specific answer, typed correctly.  For compliance/citation questions, you will be given information describing a situation and asked to assess compliance.  Answer β€œyes” if the situation complies based on the information provided, otherwise provide the specific legal citation if the device does not comply.  The form of the citation will typically be something like S.X.X. for a specification, T.X.X. for a tolerance, or UR.X.X. for a user requirement.  There is a short practice test to familiarize you with the exam environment and ensure that these basic rules for responses are understood.

Subject of Examination:

1.  Module 4.2 Introduction to Device Control  |  15 questions
(30 minute time limit)
These questions test for knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply the basic requirements applicable to all weighing and measuring devices. This may include questions on the selection, care and use of standards, the legal basis of Handbook 44, the organization of that handbook, understanding of Fundamental Considerations, knowledge of systems of measurement units, understanding and application of General Code requirements, and understanding of the NTEP program and Certificates of Conformance.

2.  Module 4.4 Dynamic Measuring Systems - General  |  18 questions (45 minute time limit)
These questions test for knowledge and understanding of the general requirements for dynamic liquid measuring devices specified in Handbook 44.  This includes knowledge of the technologies used in liquid measuring devices, ability to operate measuring devices and interpret markings and indications, ability to apply appropriate technical and user requirements, and ability to select appropriate tests, perform those tests and apply the tolerances.

3.  Module 4.4.4 Vehicle-Tank Meters  |  17 questions (45 minute time limit)
These questions test for knowledge and understanding of the basic technologies used in vehicle-tank meter systems, understanding of and ability to apply technical and user requirements from Handbook 44,  Vehicle-Tank Meters Code to vehicle-tank meter systems, and ability to conduct prescribed tests of vehicle-tank meter systems and properly apply tolerances.

Passing Score and Grading:

  • 70% (35 or more correct answers)
  • Following the completion of the examination or upon reaching the time limit for the third section, you will receive a total score for the exam and a pass/fail statement for each section.  To protect the integrity of the test questions, NCWM will not advise you of the specific questions you answered incorrectly.  The Professional Development Committee will be reviewing incorrect answers in periodic reviews and will adjust scores in select cases if a question is judged invalid.  NCWM will notify you if your score is affected.
  • If you wish to challenge any of the questions, you may contact the NCWM Professional Development Committee through NCWM via email to info@ncwm.com or call (402) 434-4880.
  • A certification issued under this program is valid for five (5) years.