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Price Verification

The NCWM Professional Certification Program provides assurance that an individual has a working knowledge of the U.S. standards for weights and measures as adopted by the NCWM. Certification is available to any individual, whether from the public or private sector whose profession requires thorough understanding of the national weights and measures standards. The Price Verification certification exam will draw on relevant sections of Handbook 130.

Price Verification

Price Verification

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Format and Duration:

  • Handbook 130 is available here.

The examination consists of one timed section and will include a total of 30 questions as described below.  The candidate may access the current version Handbook 130, Section V, Examination Procedures of Price Verification.  The exam must be completed in one session and the candidate may not log off and return to the exam later.

You will be required to perform calculations as part of the exam.  You may bring a calculator into the exam with which you are familiar, or use one provided by the proctor.  Calculators with memory functions are acceptable but programmable calculators are prohibited.  If you use the calculator provided by the proctor, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with its operation before beginning the exam.

The exam is OPEN BOOK.  The proctor will provide you with the following items for this exam, except as specifically noted below:

  • A clean copy of the current edition of Handbook 130.  If a hard copy is not provided you will be permitted to access the NCWM authorized PDF file containing the pertinent sections of Handbook 130.
  • All materials provided by the must be returned to the proctor upon completing the exam.  All scrap paper written on by the candidate will be shredded.

The examination is to be taken alone, without assistance from any other individual.

Test instructions are provided online prior to starting the exam.  Since the test is electronically graded, the answer must be marked or typed correctly.  The test questions will be in a multiple-choice format.  You will be asked to pick the best answer from four options by clicking the button before your selected answer.  There is a short practice test to familiarize you with the exam environment and ensure that the basic rules for responses are understood.

Subject of Examination:

1.  Module 5.2.5 Price Verification |  30 questions
(70 minute time limit)
These questions test for knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply the procedures for conducting a price verification examination and determining enforcement actions as specified in Handbook 130.  State and local modifications to the Handbook 130, Price Verification procedures and enforcement practices are not considered and will not be accepted as correct answers to exam questions.

Passing Score and Grading:

  • 70% (21 or more correct answers)
  • Following the completion of the examination or upon reaching the time limit, you will receive your score.  To protect the integrity of the test questions, NCWM will not advise you of the specific questions you answered incorrectly.  The Professional Development Committee will be reviewing incorrect answers annual reviews and will adjust scores in select cases if a question is determined to be invalid.  NCWM will notify you if your score is affected.

  • If you wish to challenge any of the questions, there will be a section at the end of the examination where you can offer comments.  You may also contact the NCWM Professional Development Committee through NCWM via email to info@ncwm.com or call (402) 434-4880.
  • A certification issued under this program is valid for five (5) years.